Our Approach

We’re engineers not sales people

At Sol-Tec we don’t have a sales department. Instead, we have a team of people who are capable of architecting, implementing and supporting datacentre migrations for the public sector. Our PUBSEC suite of services offers choice and flexibility – each part of the process can be accessed as a discrete one-off engagement or as part of a turnkey solution.

  • PLAN
    A tools-based discovery exercise which maps out your existing datacentre infrastructure assets including apps, servers, data and network traffic.

    We document which of your assets are suitable to be moved to the public cloud, which need to remain where they are, and the relative costs and risks. The deliverable to you is a comprehensive plan which can be used as a business case to justify investment.

    Creation of your new infrastructure environment, including the re-provisioning of servers if needed.

    Operating in parallel with your existing / legacy environment, we transfer your assets to the new public cloud environment.

    We validate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your new environment, ensuring that it’s performing as promised before decommissioning your old infrastructure.

    Full orchestration and support services that keep your new public cloud datacentre compliant, secure and operational.

The Right Frameworks

We’re on the procurement frameworks and portals that matter including: G-Cloud 10 | Digital Outcomes and Specialists | Exostar.

To find out more, contact us on 0118 9514 200 or at info@sol-tec.com