Velocity Support & Managed Cloud

Support, expertise and training in one flexible package

At Sol-Tec, we understand that transitioning to the cloud is a big change for your IT Team and that the best way we can support your evolving business needs is to help you maximise you IT budget, not burn through it.

So, rather than signing our customers up to separate support, expertise and training agreements, that often lead to overspending in some areas and underspending in others, Sol-Tec has Velocity – an all-in-one, points-based agreement, that you can use as you choose.

How it works

You can exchange purchased points whenever you need to, for whichever services you require at that time; support, training, advisory hours, packaged services and management of your Azure environment are among the service options available to you.

Watch our video to learn how Velocity works:

Through Velocity, our aim is to give you the flexibility and budget to continue evolving and benefiting from your cloud journey and the performance improvements it brings your business. As your business evolves and your needs change, your Velocity agreement doesn’t; its just the way you use it that does.

Read our datasheet for more information on Velocity Support and Managed Cloud
Velocity Support and Managed Cloud - more info
Velocity support and managed cloud

Incident support with escalation to Microsoft Premier Support, regardless of whether we built your Azure cloud environment or not.

Hands on resources to bridge the skills gap in your team whenever you need it.

Access to knowledge and learning to support and upskill your own team.

Access to advisory hours with our experts ensures you can continue to capitalise on your move to the cloud.

Management of your cloud environment frees up your valued talent to focus on business improvement projects.

Maximise your tight budget by choosing Velocity to fill resource and knowledge gaps as they arise.