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PUBSEC methodology - Build

A secure and compliant Azure environment within days

Public Sector organisations are being urged to adopt a cloud model, but progress is often stopped in its tracks when lack of expertise makes even that first step of building a secure and compliant cloud foundation seem too complex. As IT teams are facing pressure to achieve “more with less”, the time afforded to IT to launch a cloud Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is also under increasing pressure.​

Velocity Landing Zone is a blend of consultancy services and a core set of pre-defined artefacts that together, expedite the deployment and configuration of a baseline Azure environment that is secure, compliant and ready to connect to your on-premise network.

Key Features List

  • Hub & spoke topology.

  • Security (isolation & policy).

  • Subscription management.

  • Role-based access control.

  • Azure networking & firewall.

  • Build automation for spokes.

  • Security & availability monitoring.

  • Backup & recovery.

  • Migration or build new “ready”.

Product Options

There are 3 levels of service for Velocity Landing Zone depending on the complexity of your requirements and provider preferences.

  • Standard
  • Premier
  • Bespoke
  • Designed around consuming 1st  party Microsoft services for network security.
  • All the work + design and handover sessions conducted remotely.
  • Lowest ongoing monthly Azure costs.
  • Ready to migrate within 5-10 days
  • FortiNet Next Generation Firewalls to provide advanced security and segregation of trusted and non-trusted traffic.
  • Face to face design and handover sessions.
  • Work is conducted remotely.
  • Ready to migrate your first workloads in Azure within 15-20 days.
  • Initial discovery of your current environment.
  • Firewall and vendors defined by customer.
  • Project managed by Sol-Tec and deployed onsite.
  • Cost and project timeframe confirmed during engagement planning.


Key Benefits

  • Accelerate your adoption of Azure.

  • A trusted extension to your on-premise data centre.

  • Aligned to Azure architecture blueprints, MS Virtual data centre guidance AND NCSC 14 cloud security principles.

  • Overcomes the challenge of sourcing Azure expertise.

  • Designed to scale as cloud adoption progresses.

  • Business groups can focus on cloud-based innovation, maximising the potential of your investment in Azure.

  • Customisable to meet individual requirements and product preferences.

  • Appropriate governance and control prevents proliferation of shadow IT.

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