Velocity Self-Service

PUBSEC methodology - Continuity

Deploy Azure resources in just one click.

Arm your end users with the Velocity Self-Service Portal (VSSP) to deploy Azure infrastructure without the need to engage with your central IT function.

Our portal simplifies Azure, giving anyone in a business with the necessary permissions, the autonomy to deploy Azure resources as required by their specific department or project, in just one click.

From this portal, end-users can view and deploy pre-built Azure infrastructure bundles, manage costs and monitor usage and trends of their deployments. VSSP gives businesses the opportunity to maximise their investment in Azure, while ensuring appropriate governance and compliance is adhered to.

Key Features

  • Allow end-users, with minimal technical knowledge, to deploy services.

  • Allow end-users to control their Azure spend.

  • Ensure end-user Azure deployments comply with governance requirements

  • Velocity Self Service portal is deployed in your tenant.

  • Integrated with Azure Active Directory.

  • Fully scalable.

  • Billing notifications and predictive spend forecasting.

  • Administrators centrally create projects and set budgets.

  • Portal customised with your branding and terminology.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce burden on central IT.

  • Forecast and control Azure spending.

  • Reduce dependency in legacy infrastructure.

  • Control shadow IT.

  • Ensure services are deployed from managed templates.

  • Sol-Tec experts can create deployment bundles for you.

  • Scale as user count grows.

  • Flat monthly fee, no increasing costs based on user count .

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