Azure Plan &

PUBSEC methodology - Plan Understand

A deep dive into your environment.

A natural follow on from the Microsoft Azure Discovery Workshop, the Azure Planning service is a deep dive into your environment.

We assess feasibility, understand options for PaaS transformation, and layered with our experience and wisdom, help you to understand costs and opportunities.

Key Features

  • Experienced Azure experts, not sales people.

  • Tools based approach to discover existing assets.

  • Cloud feasibility report.

  • Cloud operations analysis report.

  • PaaS advisory report.

  • Cost modelling across Cloud providers (Azure/AWS/GCP).

  • Re-architecting suggestions.


Key Benefits

  • Leverage our Azure expertise and capability.

  • Assess feasibility, cost and opportunity before migration to Cloud.

  • Bolster your go-to-cloud plan into a detailed programme.

  • Understand what’s right for Cloud and what isn’t.

  • Our delivery is refined by years of experience and lessons learnt.

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