Sol-Tec, a cloud-first, Microsoft-only company, has earned its DevOps Gold Competency. Achieving this latest Gold Competency highlights Sol-Tec’s continued commitment to delivering innovative Microsoft solutions to its customer base.

Partners are required to undertake a rigorous set of exams to demonstrate product knowledge and prove their ability to meet performance goals, if they are to be recognised as Gold under Microsoft’s Competency programme. It provides Partners with the opportunity to distinguish themselves as proven experts in the delivery of high quality, creative, solutions in specialised areas of business.

DevOps is Sol-Tec’s fifth Gold Competency, having already earned its Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Application Development, and Datacenter competencies to this same exceptional level.

What the DevOps competency now gives Sol-Tec, is a proven expertise to utilise the full set of Azure DevOps tools and processes to help its customers streamline DevOps workflows and deploy collaboration and agility into the application development lifecycle. This in turn will enable the Sol-Tec Cloud Infrastructure Team to deliver faster release cycles of the utmost quality for its customers.

DevOps is an integral part of any digital transformation project and with this competency added to our portfolio of Microsoft accomplishments, we are able to demonstrate to both existing and new customers, our commitment and capability to meet their needs both now and into the future.” Paul Collins, CTO, Sol-Tec